: Guest: Transitions by Curator's Agenda 2017

25 October - 04 November 2017
In the framework of a program for international, emerging curators "Curators' Agenda: VIENNA 2017" and in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, BLOCKFREI is presenting a mutual group exhibition "TRANSITIONS, Perspectives from in-between"

Opening: Tuesday, 24. October, 7pm
Duration: 25. October - 4. November
Schottenfeldgasse 45
1070 Vienna

The in-between offers a unique space to reflect on the past and speculate possibilities for the future. The title draws upon the non-reductive moment of transition, at once suspended, yet fleeting.
The recurrent themes of melancholy and emptiness reminiscent of the mal du siècle from the 19th century, leading to the fin de siècle – the transition from one era to another; causing anxiety but also opening the possibility of progress if we are all willing to engage in an exchange of values, resources and perspectives.

The artworks on display at KRINZINGER PROJEKTE isolate this state of existence through diverse manifestations that explore the physical and mental spheres of the in-between.

Curators: Bahar Ahu Sağın / Ilaria Goglia / Ilethia Sharp / Lucia Galvez Chico / Malou Solfjeld / Michaela Bear / Oleksandra Poliushkina / Pedro Henrique de Melo / Tan Yue / Victoria Vargas Downing

Christina Romirer / Jeannine Jesch / Sarah Bechter / Sebastian Grande / Song Jing / Tina Kult / Verena Zangerle / Veronika Beringer / Ziva Drvaric

Guest: Transitions by Curator's Agenda 2017